Advice For Beginner Horse Riders

If you are just beginning your journey of horse riding either as just something fun to do on the weekend, a hobby that you hope to turn into a competitive sport, or anything else of the like, then you may feel overwhelmed, nervous, or unsure of where to start. This feeling is normal when starting anything new, but especially when it comes to horse riding because horses are a very large and beautiful animal that need to be trusted and comforted in order for you to be able to successfully train and ride them.


Tips when you first start horse riding

  • Go out and purchase appropriate riding gear so that when you are ready to jump on and start riding, you are prepared, comfortable, and safe
  • Give yourself time to get to know your horse so that it can begin a trusting relationship with you and vice versa... this is an essential aspect to being able to successfully train and ride your horse (especially if you plan on making it a sport)
  • Practice, practice, practice (practice makes perfect and the more you ride your horse, the better you'll get at it... therefore, it is usually best to ride the same horse each time so that each of you can get used to each other)
  • Practice signaling your horse
  • Take up training classes to get professional help and safety training

Riding a horse is not an easy hobby or sport, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get used to your horse and the act of riding him or her. Be compassionate with your horse and building a loving relationship with it can do nothing but positive things to your overall experience with the horse. Be sure to give your horse the nutrition it needs to be strong and you'll both go far. Lastly, if you end up getting hurt or falling off the horse, do your best not to get discouraged. This happens to many people as beginners, so do your best to remember that fact and give yourself time to heal, but also give yourself another chance to get back on and try again!

Here at The Sombrero Ranch, we want to make your horse riding experience as enjoyable as possible, so we make our best effort to provide the highest quality riding gear to keep you safe and comfortable when riding. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!