Is Horseback Riding Easy?


Trying out horseback riding can be a fun new activity with the family, or just something to try on your own. The important aspect to remember is that there’s a lot that goes into horseback riding in terms of skill, preparation, and maintaining your mentality.

Tips for a Successful Learning Experience on Horseback


Most of the learning horseback riding is a mental game. Things do not start off easy, and it has a steep learning curve that you’ll have to be willing to work through with a trainer. Especially if you aim to have your children ride with you as well. They’re going to need special attention from the jump in order to not get discouraged.


Additionally, you’re going to have to keep up with your exercise regimen. Horseback riding is a demanding workout, and your body needs to be well prepared in order for it to go well. Make sure that you don’t come in completely “off the bench” before you start. Get some kind of exercise ahead of time to avoid any cramps, strains, or other pains through your first lesson.

What Should I Bring to My First Lesson?

Riding-Ready Clothes

Closed-toed shoes are a must. Once you have either boots or heavier athletic shoes, riding jeans are a good investment as well. These will keep your legs from chafing and avoid pain throughout the ride. 

The Perfect Cowboy Hat

On top of riding clothes, a cowboy hat is the perfect pairing to make your horseback riding experience a bit more complete. For some of our newest additions, take a look at our shop today. We offer a variety of hats that can be perfect for rodeos, lessons, or just riding on your own as well. Make sure to find the perfect fit that’s built for comfort or performance, depending on what you’re looking for.

Good luck on your first ride!

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